Correct display of sections in non-manifold NURBS

Hi McNeel
Would it be possible to have clipping planes display sections through non-manifold (sphere-within-sphere type of objects) NURBS geometry correctly. It can be done with meshes - by splitting the disjoint mesh, flipping the inner normals and rejoining - but it would be nice to have the possibility to do something similar with NURBS, eg. being able to “force-flip” the normals of the inner closed solid before using NonmanifoldMerge. I know this is a fringe-case, but still :slight_smile:



(as you might know…)
the workaround is to connect the surfaces with a

can’t find the topic but as fare as I remember the main idea of nonmanifoldMerge was to allow complex poly-surfaces for FEM Analysis stuff…

kind regards - tom

Hi @Tom_P
Yeah, I know it can be worked around, but was just doing some drawings in Solidworks and noticed - to my delight - that a NonManifoldMerge’d solid came in (through STP) as expected and showed up in both display and section drawings correctly. I’m still dreaming of ditching Solidworks altogether :money_with_wings:
Thanks for chiming in :slight_smile:

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