NURBS Normals - Making Polysurfaces doesn't resolve normal direction issue

Hi all,
Quick question and perhaps a request: I’m having trouble with a rather complex polysurface. When I try to “Join” all the surfaces together I invariably get patchs that refuse to adopt the polysurface normal direction, which leaves me with some naked edges when I do “show edges” command. If I isolate the patches and the surfaces around them things join just fine, but everytime I try to join the entire surface things break down. Any ideas?
Quick screenshot attached.

I realize I didn’t include my request: It would be super helpful to be able to flip the normals of sub-surfaces of a polysurface, for the case when the automatically created normals aren’t created properly… Now I try to explode the polysurface, correct the surfaces that need correcting, but when I hit “join” all my changes are lost. Happy to send a model, but can’t make it public…

Hi Tom - if the normals do not agree on a polysurface, then something is amiss - can you post an example or send to (Check for duplicate faces)


Sure thing - I’ll send the example to tech. Thanks!

OK - So I just got things to join OK, but I had to be super strategic with the order in which I joined. Doing one join didn’t work. I had to start at one end of my part, and slowly add surfaces by successive joins. Not the end of the world as it now works.