Corner Treatment of Sweep

I am hoping there is a way to perform a sweep where the cross-section is partially revolved at the corners. I’ve attached a sketch of what I have in mind. Does anyone have any advice on how to achieve this? Any help is appreciated.

If the top flat base is perfectly flat, then you can simply split the two straight sections and use “Revolve” to create the rounded profile that connects between them.

Hello - no, not without a rounded rail.


I use a similar approach with “Revolve” while designing bent sections of tubes, because “Pipe” tends to build inaccurate results and also adds plenty of unnecessary control points compared to the clean arc curve used as an input.

Yep, I assemble extrusions and revolves if things are that simple.


…well that is a further complication. The path is actually occurring on a gently curving cylindrical face. Thank you for asking.

Then you can build two Blend curves and use them as rails for the “Swep 2 rails” command. Another option is to build “Blend surface” between the two straight profiles and use the G1 Tangency option.

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