Core Hour Billing: changing RHINO_TOKEN didn't work

I setup a core hour billing using my own token two months ago. one month later, I changed the RHINO_TOKEN to use another team’s billing account. but today, I found the charges are still going to my account.

Further more, I have two identical servers both running same code. I changed both the RHINO_TOKENs to another team’s new token one month ago. last night, I shutdown my own billing token. today, I found the rhino.compute services refused to start up due to a HRESULT E_FAIL of COM component in one of the server. but the other can restart the service without problem.

My question is: how should I change the core hour billing from one account to another? is there anything I missed here other than changing the RHINO_TOKEN?

thanks in advance.


I don’t think there’s anything persistent about the RHINO_TOKEN (aside from it being in the system environment or registry). You should be able to stop and restart Rhino in order to use the new token.

Can you please let me know the team ID for the team you’re trying to use? You can get it by clicking the team name at Rhino Accounts and then sending me the URL.

Also, if you have the team ID for the old team you want to not use, that would be helpful.

I’m wondering if there aren’t any products selected in your team, and that’s causing the startup failure.

Please send me your team information in a direct message.

I double checked this and it worked.

@neo.mail are you able to run Rhino.exe (with GUI) on your servers? If you can, then you’ll be able to confirm which team is being used for core-hour billing by looking at the License tab on the splash screen or going to Tools > Options > Licenses.

Hi, Will,

Thanks for your help.

I checked the GUI and found both servers are useing my old license which is e2easy. I want to change it to xcooler, but failed.

I tried to logout. but one I restarted the GUI, it showed as e2easy again.

is there anything I can do to change to a new license? :sob:

Can you double check that Rhino is reading the updated token? Start Rhino.exe again, run EditPythonScript and then run the script below to print the token.

import os

It is indeed reading the updated token. My old token ends up with “QTJnIn0=”, while the updated token ends up with “OWp3In0=”.

How are you setting the environment variable and how and you running Rhino.exe?

Can you try updating Rhino to the latest stable release (7.11)?

Hi, Will,

Release 7.11 states that it requires windows 8.1 or 10, but What I have is a Windows Server 2019.

I set the environment variable through a Powershell script. It showes correctly in the CMD shell with an "echo“ or “set” command.

When I check the license key, I start Rhino.exe by click the desktop Icon. When I start the Rhino.Compute service, I open a CMD shell and run the compute.geometry.exe.

Thank you. I’ve been trying to reproduce the behaviour you’re seeing, but I’m not having any luck. I was however seeing some odd behaviour (not exactly the same as your problem) when launching Rhino from the same PowerShell prompt used to set the environment variable, so I was curious to know how you were doing it.

For anyone else reading along… in this case the RHINO_TOKEN environment variable was set at both the user and machine levels, with the user-level variable (the old token) taking precedence.