Cannot start rhino.compute service in EC2 windows server

Hi everyone,

I followed the instructions given on Deployment to Production Servers with C#, VB to set up Rhino compute in an EC2 windows server. The installation went smoothly. But couldn’t start rhino.service, I got the following error, how can I resolve this?

Are you able to run Rhino.exe? This is usually a good way to figure out the cause of the error, since you have a UI to tell you what’s wrong. Quite often it’s a problem with the license.

Thanks, yes it is related to the license. I tried to enable core hour billing but got the following error

" Core Hour billing cannot be enabled because there are licenses in this entity."

I am experiencing the same issue, were you able to resolve this problem?

It sounds like you need to set up a new team for core-hour billing. You cannot have Rhino licenses and core-hour billing in the same team. I just went through the same thing with a new server. @brian or @will please confirm.

Correct. You can’t mix seat-based licenses and core-hour billing licenses in the same team. This applies to all licenses in Cloud Zoo.

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