Copying coordinates text to points

I am new, so I am sure I am missing something too obvious here !

I have coordinates in text with comma, each line is x,y,z and I want to import this as points in grasshopper.

I tried (import point coordinates from generic text file) from param>input which looks promising but the results are just weird so a file that reads (10,20,30) will appear as (0.0, 20.0,0.0) and tried to adjust the X index , Y index, and z index with no results any ideas?

here is a screenshot

in the past I had that component working correctly by using inputs from plain text files only (no rich text format)
in a case like your file, the X Y Z indexes should be set to 0 1 2

The index is indeed 0 1 2 , but still the result is what is in the picture !

have you tried using a simple plain .txt file that does not contain any formatting data?

does it work on this file?
plain_text_file.txt (70 Bytes)

Welp ! it looks like that was the issue ! thanks a lot !