Importing points coordinates by a .txt file

Hi, I tried to display a point cloud in a ShapeDiver scene by importing a .txt file with XYZ coordinates using the Grasshopper Component “Import Coordinates”, but it seems that it may not be used.
Is there any simple way to import a .txt file such as (XYZ coordinates.txt (2.5 KB) and then display the point cloud in the ShapeDiver scene for further operations?
Thank in advance!

I don’t know about ‘ShapeDiver’ but importing points from a file is easy. Did you change the separator from the default comma (",") to (" ") as used in your file? Both of these give the same result: (9.9 KB)

Thank you a lot, Joseph!

Let me know if Joseph’s answer solved your problem or if you are still experiencing difficulties.

Hi Mathieu, now it is working. I had the problem with the “Import Coordinates” component, but now it is ok

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