Copy an object all over a sphere in Rhino?

I want to copy the blue objects so that it’s covering every inch of the sphere? How can I do this? I was thinking maybe something with array?

Hi, Amanda! Take a look at the PanelingTools plug-in I would suggest importing a quad sphere or icosphere mesh (from Blender or maybe Weaverbird, and populating the vertices with your pattern.

Some links to mesh generation software

Hi Amanda,

When using panelling tools and/or CreateUVCrv or UnrollSrf and then FlowAlongSrf you’ll find there will be grouping at the poles.

I’ve just posted something for a basketball which would also help you: - look at Daniel’s grasshopper algorithm.

This will give you a set of random points which you could populate in order to have a uniform(ish) coverage.

It could be a lot of work unless you work out a way to copy multiple objects to the points and normal to the surface in one go. I had to do it by hand for my project as I’d run out of time to work it ou.


For anyone else stumbling across this question:
You may use the Array on surface (ArraySrf) command with respect to a sphere.