Copy a slider, when you adjust one, have the other change simultaneously?

Hi all,

I was wondering, if it is possible to copy a slider, place it somewhere else on the canvas, and no matter which one you then use to change the input, it automatically changes the other slider too?

I got a pretty big model, with different clusters all over the place that need the input from the same slider. I constantly have to scroll through a lot of canvas to change a slider. Would be great if you could copy them with them functioning as one and the same number…


this might help


Not exactly what I wanted, but it will do just fine! Thanks a lot.

I’ve never seen or used the ‘Remote Control Panel’. While investigating it, I added a group - how do I remove it? Or empty the panel?

Click the pencil and drag whatever you have in the RCP towards the bottom end of the panel and off of it.

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Of course! :wink: I’ll experiment with it further on another file.

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The RCP is a very cool feature - but dual monitors blow it right out of the water.

i like the idea, but never used it much myself because it can’t hold all the things I usually need:

  • no md sliders, no graph mappers

Perhaps because those can be adjusted in size?

Maybe you can use this but you need to test it and always create a copy of your original script

modify slider value expire (5.9 KB)

MetaHopper would allow to synchronise several sliders, but if you modify the range of the first, it won’t update the others… for now :smiley: (6.3 KB)

I found a useful script by @AndersDeleuran in this topic. Instead of outputting just ‘True’ when a slider is changed, the stream index ‘1’ is output for the first slider, ‘2’ for the second slider.

I’m sure this could be streamlined. (14.4 KB)

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Martin, Seghier and magicteddy, thank you all for your replies. All options will work for me! It is very much appreciated.

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