How can I edit multiple slider values at once?

Hi all,

I did some searching for an IRC to ask this question because I imagine its a really simple one and it led me here. I’m learning Grasshopper and I have six number sliders shown in the image below -

I want to know if there’s a way to select all of them and modify their value (e.g., set max to 200 for all of them), without having to set each one individually.

Set one to 200, then copy that one. Or use a gene pool which is a nice way to have a sort of multi slider.

I see, so there is no way to bulk edit in masse, but perhaps there’s may be a more elegant solution depending on the context. Is there a way to expose the values/properties of the slider as to be controlled by another component?

I tried your suggestion -


It makes sense and works. Thank you - I’m still very much green and getting comfortable with the program, trying to wrap my head around some basic usability quirks.


Wow, the sky really is the limit with this program. Thanks to you both!

another way is this:
(you readjust the values with Remap Numbers.) (13.3 KB)