Conveyor updates for Revit 2021, Testing with Rhino 7 WIP

Revit 2021 Version Released!

The Conveyor installer now comes with a build for Revit 2021! Existing customers and trial users can access this version by running an installer update.

Testing Conveyor with Rhino 7 WIP

Additionally, some users have asked if there is a way to run Conveyor with Rhino 7. Our release plan is to officially publish Conveyor for Rhino 7 when the Rhino 7 moves out of the WIP stage and is released as a commercial product. However, for those of you who need to use Conveyor with Rhino 7, it is possible to do so by manually installing the Rhino 6 plugins into Rhino 7.

There are two RHP plugin files located at:

  • Conveyor: %APPDATA%\Proving Ground\Conveyor\ProvingGround.ConveyorRhino\ProvingGround.ConveyorRhino.rhp
  • Semantic: %APPDATA%\Proving Ground\Semantic\Rhino6\SemanticV6.rhp

Simply install these Rhino 6 RHPs into the Rhino 7 WIP (drag and drop or using the Plugin Manager). Our initial tests have shown that this works quite well - however please let us know if you encounter any issues running the plugins in the WIP or importing Rhino 7 files into Revit.