Rhino 7 plugins

Are we going to have a version of Conveyor or Semantic for Rhino 7 any time soon?
In our studio we are using Rhino 7 as much as possible and it will be great not have to switch to Rhino 6 to use this tools.


Rhino 7 is still in the WIP stage which is still not “production ready”. When Rhino 7 is officially released as a commercial product, we will release a build of Conveyor that will include this in the install at no extra charge if you purchased it.

Technically, the Revit addins already support reading Rhino 7 files. If you are anxious to get out ahead and start using Conveyor with Rhino 7, you can give this a try by manually installing the Rhino 6 plugins for Conveyor and Semantic into Rhino 7. You can do this by dragging and dropping the plugin files onto the Rhino 7 WIP or installing through the Plugin Manager:

Have a look at the RHP install locations:

  • Conveyor: %APPDATA%\Proving Ground\Conveyor\ProvingGround.ConveyorRhino\ProvingGround.ConveyorRhino.rhp
  • Semantic: %APPDATA%\Proving Ground\Semantic\Rhino6\SemanticV6.rhp

Like Rhino 7, this is not technically “production ready” but our testing so far shows that it is working.