Webinar! The future of Conveyor (and Proving Ground Apps) with Rhino 7

Hello all,
There are many developments in the works for a new version of Conveyor in 2021. I’d like to invite you to a free webinar where I’ll talk about what where we are going with Conveyor and our Proving Ground Apps in the New Year!

With the release of Rhino 7, we have already begun aligning Conveyor’s novel capabilities in with the Rhino.Inside SDK. Together they work quite well and will provide more pathways working between Rhino and Revit. Our aim is to make some very accessible and easy-to-implement workflows that continue to lower the barrier to entry for interoperability.

Here is a preview of where we are going in 2021…

PREVIEW of using Rhino’s Conveyor plugin to get elements from Revit into Rhino

PREVIEW of sending objects directly into Revit from Rhino 7