Converting this Polysurface to an open surface

Good Afternoon, I’m having trouble converting this polysurface into a surface, I would like to take this outsole into Grasshopper. I’ve tried lofting, and network surfacing whic gives me the walls for the sole but never the bottom. I’m new to this program and it has been a little confusing. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve searched for more information but I haven’t been able to find much help.
Outsole.3dm (757.0 KB)

quite funny to have 3 similar topics in one or a few days…

see also here - without solutions:

@Tom_P Senior lagging a bit behind on senior thesis and I need to get a tread on my shoes before I 3d print lol.

I’ve been experimenting with loft, you might be happy with this one.
Outsole6_.3dm (921.0 KB)

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I’ll definitely check it out @Adn_Kocc I think i may have found an ingenius way to do it as well, Just had to brain storm hard. When I complete it I’ll share how I did it

Update: I used isocurves to create a wire frame but unfortunately the sub d converted to an open polysurface. WIll continue experimenting.

@Adn_Kocc , finally figured it out, Used contour to make a cage for the sole and network surfaced into one surface, thank you everyone for the help! heres the clean surface
SoleSurf.3dm (829.7 KB)

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Good that you found a method, but the one I annexed above wasn’t that what you wanted? It was solved differently but maybe not usable what you wanted to do with it I guess.

Your model worked for me in paneling tools but when I took it to grasshopper there was an extremely small gap at the middle of the sole. I couldn’t close the gap while maintaining the single surface.