Convert VB to Python

hi, I am trying to translate a certain code from vb to python .
More precisely it is a circle packing code which can be found her : .
Given that I am quite new to scripting language overall, I wonder whether there is any sort of guides or anything of a kind that would help me understand better the used syntaxes. I did search quite a bit, but the syntax use seem to be rather complex so I found myself not being able to know where to start with the conversion.

I did also try a few online vb script to python or even to C#(in case of the slight chance it would be a bit clearer for me) yet it mostly resulted in errors.

Therefore are there any pertinent guides or anything of a kind that would make my conversion easier or actually “do-able” ?

Thank you for any feedback, all the best

I am well aware that there may be a lot of mistake in the attempt to translate the script, but I am quite new to scripting yet I kind off need to flashforward learning python as it is required for a school project I am working on (17.1 KB)

These may be of assistance since you say you are new to scripting.

Thank you for your answer. ^^

I did read the python primer. And I am still looking at it as well as the vb “guides” and examples. Yet I am still confused if referring to certain lines such as:

Dim intCurrCenter As Int32 = 0
Dim oCenterCircle As OnCircle = Circle_List.Item(intCurrCenter)

Dim is just vb variable declaration.

intCurrCenter is being declared as a variable of 32 bit integer type (Int32) and being set to 0.

I don’t know what the second one is (I’ve never programmed in VB, only vbscript), but it looks like a variable (oCentreCircle) of class OnCircle, whatever that is.

oh I thought that the OnCircle was a list :sweat_smile:

hm, weirdly don’t remember reading anything similar to the 32 bits integer set to a number ( If I am not wrong, this operation is to locate the item 0 from a list, more like the first point from the recovered items)

(caveat, I am not an expert at this)

It looks like oCentreCircle is being set as a class of OnCircle with a value from a list Circle_List. The item is whatever inCurrCenter is set to.

Whoa, looks like that definition dates back 8 years ago and uses a legacy version of the VB scripting component which directly references the C/C++ OpenNURBS library…

(newer version of the component shown below)

From what I understand, the classes OnCircle, On3dVector etc. would be the underlying lower-level constructs that are wrapped inside the easier-to-use RhinoCommon library for modern components. The latter is what GhPython uses when you import Rhino at the top of your script

You’d have to find the equivalent RhinoCommon classes and methods to implement the code logic, or even as the rhinoscriptsyntax wrappers to RhinoCommon for an even more beginner-friendly alternative:

Is that enough to go on? I’m not very familiar with VB myself but could take a shot at it later - If it’s just general circle packing you’re trying to achieve, I think there are other more recent scripts and definitions on the forums you can search for. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer !! :slight_smile: damn, I didn’t even realise it was an oldversion of vb. :smiley: now it makes sence why I couldn’t figure anything out .
Well, I guess I’ll just try to recreate the acode other ways.

I did look for scripts but this one is as close to what I need in terms of how it creates the circle packing. ( I did try a decent numbers of grasshopper definition including the use of kangaroo, but the end result wasn’t satisfying. Hence the reason I decided to try and script it in order to have more control over it) . But I didn’t really find any python script except a tutrial from except that I need to create the circles or spheres using the math formula present in the vb instead of the way he uses :slight_smile: which I am currently trying to do, hoping that I’ll able to achieve the desired result :slight_smile:

Here you go :slight_smile: (11.7 KB)

The circle packing “tree” looked interesting so I had a go at mechanically translating the VB script logic to Python- the result is definitely not good Python style but it works. ( original code used a Goto statement! :scream:)

Kinda disappointed to find out the algorithm basically brute-forces the circle packing, and runs in quadratic time ( you really don’t want to use it on larger numbers of circles )


Awesome !!! Thank you soo much ! :slight_smile:

It is way clearer than the old VB :smiley:

well it is a recursive code, only thing I’m going to try is create the packing is do a sort of generation of the circles instead of “rearranging” them. But I still want to use K. Steephenson’s equation since I need the circles to be “perfeclty” tangent. Thanks again! you’re the best ! :slight_smile:

I wonder whether it would be possible to limit the circle’s radius to 1 or 2 values. Otherwise having all circles with the same radius, or the radius being either 5 or 6 for example. I did try certain things withing grasshopper, but I didn’t succed for now.

The logic determining the circle radii is entirely outside of the script - you’ll want to edit/replace these components on the left?

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yeah, I actually figured it out :slight_smile: ty