Convert to polygons

Can someone show me a picture of what a nice model would look like after it is converted to polygons? Also, after it would be converted to polygons would it have any trouble being animated or working with a game engine?

it looks like theyre not quite as crisp in polygon format… but its not bad at all I don’t think

but i’m not sure if like this model was exported directly from like an existing model and then converted to nurbs somehow

if it was exported then I guess I don’t know what a model MADE with nurbs and then CONVERTED to polygons will look like

I however don’t think that’s the case, I think he modeleted these weapons after guns he saw in the game and then converted them to polygons. If I were to learn to model with nurbs as good as this guy, and then convert to polygons and get these results… I would be very happy.

Unless you are in wireframe mode, everything you see in Rhino is NURBS converted to polygons. While there are algorithms out there to shade NURBS without going the mesh way, basically all applications will use meshes to shade a 3D model.

Games typically use extremely low-polygon meshes to be able to display vast scenes quickly. The Rhino meshes is not designed to deliver that type of meshes. Games engines then rely on lots of display tricks to have models appear to have details that they do not have. A lot of the details you see in that video are the result of using textures for displacement or bump mapping.

i definitely think you have no idea what you’re talking about

In this case, you definitely think incorrectly. Rhino uses a render mesh to display NURBs geometry. Under Document Properties -> Mesh you can find and modify the quality of the render mesh.

As for animating using a mesh from Rhino, the Rhino mesher does not generate meshes with topology which is fantastic for animation.

wrong again. It’s all shading tricks. The mesh is the same.


If you look at the video and read the comments on YT, it’s clear that he has ripped the poly-models directly from Borderlands and then re-modelled the gun in Rhino, using the original mesh as a reference model for his NURBS model. The original mesh models are - I’m guessing - made in a mesh modelling program, could 3DMax, since it’s used so extensively in the gaming industry, but it could be any other poly-modeller. If you want good looking, low-poly models for use in games, you better start modelling (and texturing) mesh models, rather than doing NURBS and converting to mesh, hoping for the mesher to give you an optimized result. Even with the ever-more powerful PC’s and consoles, massive amounts of work is still put into keeping the poly-count as low as possible.

Regards, Jakob

alright so you believe he exported the models from the game and then used them as a reference… can someone show me what a model looks like after it is converted from nurbs solid surface to polygon mesh? because I was under the impression that he converted the models to polygons for his game after he made them all himself in rhino with nurbs…

what i gather from what youre saying, and i could be wrong and maybe you just haven’t said anything otherwise, is that that it wont look any different at all…

i said that like “i don’t know if the converted meshes would like interact wrongly with the game engine”… i didn’t truly think that they wouldn’t like work but oh well cant take back what i wrote

One of these guys is mesh and the other NURBS… Which one is which?