Why is that?

I just watched VFX Breakdown on Spider and noticed one interesting detail. :confused: When I look at this mesh, this is definitely not pure SubD modeling, I think it was NURBS. And I have a question … Why exactly? What do you think?

Looks like nurbs surfaces converted to meshes. Porsche has made some of their mesh conversions available. Porsche

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Also, once the asset is complete it doesn’t make sense to use the ‘original’ form, be it SubD, Nurbs or whatever. You’ll use the one that is as processed as possible, because speed is critical. Especially in the film industry. It is about how you fake best with least amount of effort (and cheapest).

Here some fun, lazy tutorials for lazy people:


Do you mean the models are available for download/purchase somewhere, or just the screenshots?

It used to be a Bezier Model. A good one. You clearly can see the surface layout, but still I bet its no production model, usually they have vertical surface edges more aligned to Z. Looks more like a very good Hobby Rebuild or late Design Model. Also draft angles don‘t look right. Hart to tell, on the other hand there are fillets and full detail. The image is actually not good, but all mesh conversions I‘ve seen and made, are looking very similar. Especially the Numberplate reminds me of that.