Convert to a solid Polysurface

i’m having some trouble converting this file into a solid polysurface.
anyone know a way to do that?

Solid polysurface.3dm (1.7 MB)

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do you want one unified object? currently you have the sole and the upper part of the boot. you can use cap on the upper part which will close it and make a solid. the lower part simply has to be joint to become solid. combining the 2 objects into one unified object may involve a bit more. using boolean union failed since the upper and the lower part do not fully intersect.


Yes i was hoping to get one unified object.

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if a mesh might work, you could try the evaluation version of rhino 8 which contains shrink wrap. that quickly pulls a unified skin over both objects.

if you need a polysurface you have to make sure that the upper part intersects entirely with the lower part. then you either try boolean union, or you trim off the overlapping parts and join. i can not help you further here sine the point where the 2 objects then should collide has to be interpreted, best you try yourself, either move the upper object slightly down then use the command intersect to see if that creates one continuous curve.


here is a way to quickly make a unified polysurface:

use DupEdge like so, make sure that you click all little parts since the edges are pretty disrupted, its about 4, 5 parts.

join the resulting curves and use RebuildCrvNonUniform, with points set to 150 and 0.01 tolerance.
create a pipe of 0.2 with this curve. now select the upper part and the lower part then call the command split, select the pipe then split. then use isolate or invert and delete the rest.

use blend surface with option chain edges. now join all 3 parts and voila.

here the file i used
boots and cats.3dm (1.8 MB)

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