Convert surface to curtainsystem using grasshopper python

Hello everyone, I am fresh for revitapi, how to use grasshopper python to convert a surface to curtainsystem.

I tried rhinoinside, but I have to do it manually in revit for the last step.


Hi Yangshilun2012,

There is a similar example here, but you will need a different method.

You may want to check the more Revit API dedicated forums on scripting for a closer example, such as pyrevit or the Revit API forum.

Also see our licensing options, you’ll want to keep up to date when running RiR and that’s hard to do with your current licensing situation…

Thanks Japhy. I will check it out.

Btw is there rhino surface to revit face method in RIR api?
I dont find in this following list.

Faces aren’t a Element, but a reference to part of an existing Revit Element.