Create an unbreakable single segment curve

How can I build a single segment curve?
For example, I have a square 100mm x 100mm with rounded corners r=10mm. All segments are joined into a single curve BUT it can still be exploded into its original segments. When I twist those joined curve by e.g 45° and back by -45° I end up with a perfect single segment curve that cannot be broken into its original pieces anymore. The pipe that I can create around that curve will have perfectly aliend UV properties (because it is a single surface), while the original curve and resulting surfaces do not.

The twist option is a functional work around but there must be as better way to turn a multi segmented line into a single one.

Commands like match curve, blend curve, rerbuild all don`t work

(wire.3dm (312.0 KB)

Yep, you’ll have to use nurb curve and use 2-3 controlls on each side around the rounding. You also may have to use control-point weight but I doubt it is required in this case.

If you are piping the curve, you can check the option “FitRail” in the Pipe command…


I need to fillet my curves to get a proper and geometrically clean transition. Even when i try your method, I am not getting the single line segment I need :frowning:

The surface you like is not anywhere near perfect. Its an awful mess. The multiple surface result is much cleaner geometry. The curvature graph reveals the ugliness.

I don’t know why you would want a single surface, but if thats absolutely necessary. You can use the merge command with the “smooth” option set to “no” to turn the many into a single composite surface.

However, I suspect that you would be better off learning to deal with the result as a polysurface.

I did not say create fillet!

Often this is for applying materials/rendering in order to get the material to wrap all around the object continuously. In that case the accuracy/curve graph of the result is likely secondary.

Helvetosaur, that is exactly the reason. The UV mapping from a single segment curve creates a clean texture wrap, the other one doesn`t.


this is awesome, exactly what I needed. I never just the merge command in over 15 years. I`ll look deeper into it.