Convert Object into specific linetypes of same length

Hi, I would like to convert a 3D drawing into a technical drawing. For example, I have attached a few angle bars with a surface now I would like to represent the surface with a curve and angle bars with the dot-dash line with arrows on both sides. Please look at the picture. I guess grasshopper or scripting may help.
Could you please help me?

problem 1.3dm (428.1 KB)

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Each of your frames has seven full length edges. Which one of them do you want to use for the top view dashed line?

P.S. Based on the color pattern, it looks like the sorted frame edges are not consistent. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help to skip Sort by length. (119.1 KB)


Hi, Thanks for your reply. Your code is nice but if some of the stiffeners are shorter the lines don’t get shorter. They remain in their full length.

For example please take a look at the attached picture, if the stiffener is smaller, the line needs to be of that length.

Hi I just need one line for each stiffener - The line along the edge of the stiffener. but the lines must change according to the length of the stiffener.

@HS_Kim’s code works exactly as you expect. Perhaps you don’t realize that he internalized the geometry in the GH file? If you right-click the frames Brep param and click ‘Clear values’, then select the frames that include a shorter frame and assign them to the Brep, you see this:

They do!

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Yes, sorry, you are absolutely right. I made a mistake. Thanks a lot.