Convert meshes

Hello how are you.
I want to ask you, if I can convert meshes to polygon mesh.
I have some meshes made in autocad, like mesh, surface, polyface and 3dface.
The question would be if I can in rhino convert this type of meshes into polygonmesh.
To later be exported as dwg.

Here attached dwg file.

Excuse my English, I only speak Spanish.
Thank you.

Mesh and polygon mesh is the same thing. There is no easy way to convert mesh to NURBS surface. MeshToNURB command is almost useless because it bloats the NURBS.

Hello Andrew thanks for your help.
In AutoCAD mesh and polygonmesh is not the same.
To polygonmesh density can be configured. to the mesh no.
But doing the conversion by hand is very difficult for me.
You can also create the mesh from a point cloud.
Well, anything you tell me.

Apparently, a “Polygon Mesh” in ACAD is a Sub-D (subdivision) type entity. So the answer is basically no, you cannot convert meshes to Sub-D entities in “standard” Rhino - not at all in V5. There has been some Sub-D development going on in Rhino as of V6, there are a couple of hidden tools in the new V6 and in the V7 WIP. In Rhino 6 you could try the SubDFromMesh command…

Sub-D Development Doc for Rhino


Hi brother.
Thanks for your help.
I will continue looking for other options.