Convert GUID to (Gh)Curve

Hi all!

I am trying to learn ghpython and would appreciate any help.
I have some model geometry, which I made in ghpython. (It´s a simple truss).
I have imported Karamba3D from ghpythonlib.components and got stuck here, because the input must be given as “Line” or “Curve” and not as GUID. Is there any way to convert a line or a curve written in ghpython with rhinoscriptsyntax (e.g. rs.AddLine) into a Line type which will be accepted by Karamba3D library?

I hope, I could describe my problem well. Thanks a lot!

Hi @Dalel,
‘LineToBeam’ expects a Line3 as input. This can be created via karamba.Geometry.Line3(Point3 start, Point3 end) where ‘Point3’ is also part of the namespace ‘Karamba.Geometry’.
– Clemens