Convert from VB.NET to C# using API

Hi guys.

I know that is not a proper place for my questions but still…

I am looking for an API that I can reference in my VB.NET project that can convert VB.NET code to C#.
I have heard about NRefactory class but seems it doesn’t do this anymore in the latest version.
I know that there are a lot of different online translators but I need the one I can use directly in my VB.NET project.

Thank you in advance!

I don’t know of one, but the SharpDevelop converter did work pretty well (this is the same code as what the online converters use). I used this when getting the initial GH for Mac Rhino code set up.

Thanks Steve.

I think I have checked SD before but seems that it doesn’t support it anymore.

Can you guide me to the API of one you used?


I didn’t use an API for this; I just directly used the tools that they had in place.

With dotPeek you van decompile an assembly to c# code.

Thanks guys.

With decompiler I still need to load code externally.
So, was looking for smth that I can use directly in a project…