Rhino Code C # and CPython code conversion function

We know that Rhino Code can write code in C # and CPython at the same time, but everyone has their own good programming language. For example, I am only familiar with Python, but C # is only very common. When I encounter C # code, I usually use third-party software to convert C # code into Python code, which is also justifiable. But I wonder if Rhino Code can provide the function of mutual conversion between C # and Python code? I know that there are many open source conversion methods on git, although most of them are not 100% complete conversion, but for me, it has been very good. It has reduced my time to write code. My wish is to integrate these two functions into Rhino Code


Which projects/tools do you use to convert between the two? As you mentioned, most are not complete conversions so I wonder if it is worth building an incomplete feature

We aren’t going to be able to do a better job than web sites that provide conversion services for you.

Hello, the tool I use now is SharpDevelopment Version:, and there is also a paid software at https://www.tangiblesoftwaresolutions.com

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