Any love from Inside to VB.NET?

I know, I know…learn C# blablabla, use online converters blablabla…but, I would really enjoy some VB.NET basic examples :smiley:

If that is not in the plans, I totally understand…but, just to know if Mcneel wants to keep the support for both languages (C# and VB.NET) in the future.

It will be true that I will have to switch to the curly and semicolonic world of c# @Miguel xD All forces pushing in that direction…dammit!


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Just skip C# and do F# instead :wink:

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I totally understand. Totally.

I was a Delphi Pascal guy for decades. To be honest, I had used no other language (but VBA and VBScript). And so I started playing with Rhino/Grasshopper. And then the C# blablabla started.

And I’m not very young anymore. And so on, and so on.

The enemy won. I tried, and cried. I had to give in. They won. I tried C#.

Two weeks later I don’t understand why I resisted for so long. I still feel very much for Pascal. VB too, but I was surpised the other day when I looked at some of my VB-stuff how “unreadable” that massive amount of text really is, compared to that slim no-nonsense syntax of C#.

Haven’t tried F# though. Perhaps that is even better?

Anyway, no going back to VB. Don’t hesitate. It took me only two weeks. Just do it. :slight_smile:

// Rolf

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@Angel I think you should be able to use any regular .NET language that uses the CLR (not the DLR, although I think that probably also works), so you should be able to use VB.NET as well.

Here is a VB.NET version of the HelloWorld console app. I’m sure it could be a little cleaner, but my VB.NET skills are a little rusty.

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Hi @stevebaer, that’s perfect :slight_smile: thanks a lot for it!