Conversion? Error: NLS files (Opening DWG file in Windows from Mac Rhino file)

Hie all, I converted a file from .3dm RHINO IN MAC to 2004 .dwg

Another user needs to open it using AUTOCAD IN WINDOWS ( chinese settings, to compound the issue, hahaha!! )

He got the following error:

Will try and er, translate the error message into chinese for the other person. Meanwhile, Is there a way someone can help me to convert my file from Rhino Mac to Autocad Windows file?? I can email the file to you :smile:

I also perceive this might be a good thing to flag in AutoCad forums so I’ll head over there.

Thank you for your kind assistance!! :sunny:

This sounds like a problem of fonts. First, Mac fonts are not the same as Windows fonts, and maybe it’s looking for characters that are not in the Chinese font set… You might just let ACAD try to convert them into something it understands and see if anything got lost…


Hie Mitch, thanks for your reply!

That’s what I told him to try. The thing is, I didn’t use any fonts in there! So I found it rather odd. Perhaps just a default response triggered due to the change in operating system. :slight_smile: Will update with a solution if one is found!

This is what turned up on google Regional Settings

i’m getting this error and can’t find a fix anywhere. any ideas?