Convenient command for object selection and filtering

Some convenient command in Autocad like
are very useful to filter and sort required object.
Does Rhino has such function?

Have you checked the help file on this?

Check Select by action order at the bottom of that page.

Not sure what ‘remove’ does…

Sometimes we over-selected by mouse clicks (cross frame), we need to remove some to get the desire object.
Rhino has auch a function?

To remove an object from the selection, press the Ctrl key and mouse click.

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@youngken Excellent videos, guides and tutorials to help with learning Rhino are available for free at Interface basics are covered in “Overview of the v5 Rhino interface” video. Also take time to go through the User’s Guide The Level 1 and Level 2 manuals and examples were developed for use in training courses. However someone familiar with CAD will probably be able to work through them on their own without any difficulty.

This forum is a great place to have questions answered, no matter how simple, when you can not find the answer on your own. However it is not a substitute for first looking for answers in the easily available guides and videos.

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I have seen manual before but mostly shows single command only and very general.
To draw something for a specific industry, reading manuals may not help much.
It’s better try to draw something first related to my industry and then read manual later.