Clearing selection

Ok, this is sort of silly question, but very annoying with our workflow. We have to check our manufacturing CAD file layers one by one, so I usually right click, select objects to look at them, then go on to the next layer. Is there any way to make Rhino NOT add to the selection? Currently I have to click off to deselect the previous layer’s objects before I can right click, select objects on the next layer down. Not a huge deal, but with files that have a couple hundred layers to sort through, it gets a little tedious. Thanks!

clear a selection with ‘esc’ key.

Hi Tracy- SelNone is the command for this - you might put it on a button or alias- I don’t know what that gets you though, compared to clicking in space.


That’s not a bad option, at least I can do that with my left hand to get into a bit of a rhythm.

Didn’t get a chance to finish this yesterday, but here’s a little python scripted utility that will scroll through the layer list in the order they are shown in the dialog, and successively select all the objects on the layer. Hitting Enter (or spacebar or right mouse click) will jump to the next layer; hitting Esc will exit the function. Command line reporting of how many objects selected on each layer; will ignore off or locked layers.

FWIW, maybe it will come in handy for you or someone else…

–Mitch (1.4 KB)