Controlling the loading of custom components, inside and out

I was reviewing the process of adding custom components and trying to understand what the expectation will be between the two environments, inside of an application (like Revit) and outside.

Currently it appears that the settings and libraries for Grasshopper are shared between the two environments. Predictably, the components fail to load outside of the application.
The Revit Inside components are not displayed outside of Revit because they are loaded directly and not through the library. Outside of Revit, these components are stripped from the project after a warning.

Which of the these two scenarios is how you expect to manage the “Inside” environments?
If you want the grasshopper project in both environments, I would hope for better error messages, which would probably require the gha file or the ghlink file to indicate the supported environments. And then adding new components in the wrong environment might want to be prevented.
If there is no expectation that the project work in both environments, should the project file itself have some indication of it’s expected environment? In that case I would hope for a way to add to the library of only one environment, not all.

Finally I found a bug in my testing. The changes to the grasshopper developer settings during a session inside of Revit were not being saved. It usually is written out on close of all of Rhino, instead of when the settings window closes, so I wonder if the shutdown procedure inside of Revit has some flaws, bypassing some of the expected code.

There are news about this…

Thank you! I will take a look at that in the coming week.