Control points in 2D don't work

I have noticed that control points in 2D do not work yet. Unless a default lock has been put on?

p.s. where does one post items for update like this… Could there be a feed back button put in Rhino 6 under help?

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Jonathan Sheridan

Hi Jonathan,

Can you tell me more about what isn’t working for you? I can’t really tell what you mean from what you’re describing.

If you can reproduce the problem, can you please attach a model and describe the steps you take to repeat the problem?

Here! Please create a new topic when you have a new problem or question.

2d editing of control points doesn’t work… only moves whole dim… seems strange. could be something simple??


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1658-LB-DETAILS 013-smal-test.3dm (2.23 MB)

Thanks, I can reproduce that now. It seems to only happen when there’s another object and the Choose One Object menu would normally display.

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This is fixed in Rhino WIP 6.0.16306.09301, just released.