Control Point Weight Color?

Wouldn’t it be an idea to color the white center of control points red or blue when the weight of the control point is different than 1. Red for 1-10 and blue for 0.1-1. This way it would be more easy to locate weighed points. Now I don’t use weighed control points much as they are more or less hidden.

Hi Gerard- Added as a wish-

(These are not visible to the public, yet)




Do you personally think that this is an improvement?

Hi Pascal, Gerard

This reminds me of a recent wish I did not post about:
Having a curvature analysis for curves.

Yes, I know we have a curvature graph for curves but how about a false coloring like with surfaces.

I myself am almost never using or in any other way aware of controlpoint weights. Is that something commin or more a sort of exotic property that is not really being used (much)? For instance, is it a way to control shape in so called “Class A” surfaces or are those regularly all uniform in weight?


Hi Gerard- yeah… I can see there might be an advantage to knowing about point weighting as one is working. I do once in a while run the Weight command to see if there are any weighted points.

Hi Willem-

Rhino uses weighted points a lot- any arc/ellipse/parabola/circle/cylinder/sphere will have weighted points- these are what the R in NURBS is for - ‘rational’ as in, not all weights the same, some greater then others. The ‘difference’ in weights is what changes the shape of the geometry- weighting all points the same, whatever the number, is the same, shape wise, as all being weighted at one.

They can also used to edit shapes but that is ‘geeky’.