Control of the sequence in the computation of the gh canvas

hi everyone,

I’m trying to run my grasshopper canvas in a batch mode. But, I have some trouble with syncronizing of my system. Therefore, I want to set some conditions in the system. So I can control the sequence in the system.

My question is, how I can put a condition for example in a simple system like in the image. The file should be only exported, when the calculation before is done and there is an closed brep in the component “solid volume”? Is it possible to do that?

any idea?

When I need to know if a component has any geometry I use list length then send a true for > 0 and false for =0

In this case it will check if there is anything or it’s empty. In case it’s a different scenario we may need other type of condition

Hi Mats,

thank you for your response. I used this method. But, my canvas send two times true in one computing and that disrupts synchronization in whole system. I didn’t really understand, what the problem is :frowning:

Pancake has a Wait Until component and I’d recommend using True-only Button for one single computation.

Can you give me an example using for this component. I couldn’t find anywhere

Thank you Keyu for your help. Meanwhile, I found actually my problem. I’m using Data Input/Output, as you see in image. When I recompute my canvas, I got signal from another canvas later than my main canvas. Therefore, my canvas compute the file more than one time. I can put “wait until” at the end of my canvas, but I think I need something direct after Data Input/Output component. Do you have another suggestion?

Note: Using Data Input/Output is mandatory in my case!