Exporting geometry more than one time

hi everyone,

I’m trying to export some of my geometries automatically. Hovewer, I’ve a syncronization problem interestingly. When I compute my canvas, gh export my geometries three times and the geometries are same. What can be reason? Do you have any idea?

I can only upload an image. Because, my application is complex and when I simplify my canvas, I don’t have this synchronization problem

It’s difficult to see what’s wrong with one single image.

Pancake’s Export As exports files by simulating Rhino’s Export command, which should work as expected by information from the picture. I’d recommend the following:

  • Check if File input is always one single item.
  • Check if there’s any vanilla Button object is used somewhere.
  • Use the Wait Until component from Pancake to make 3 Export As components to execute one after another explicitly.