Pancake error in batch mode

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to run my canvas in batch mode. I have some trouble with ‘Export As’ component from Pancake. It works very well, when I compute my canvas in gh. Hovewer, it doesn’t work in batch mode and I get the following error “Another Rhino command is running. Export aborted”. Do you have any idea, how can I fix this problem?

I’m trying to export some closed breps and surfaces automatically in batch mode. If you have any other component suggetions, it is also welcomed :slight_smile:

By “batch mode”, do you mean you are running a Rhino script to automate GH definitions? I’m sorry this is not supported by Pancake right now due to some technical limitations.

Hi Keyu,

thank you for your response. I meant to automate GH definitions. I wrote a code in C to export geometries. It works very well now. But any way, thank you for your help

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