Contract Work Rhino, RhinoCam and CNC Machining in San Francisco

We are model makers, mostly architectural, but also product, litigation, engineering, and props. We are looking for someone or a few different people who can take a Rhino file and turn it into RhinoCAM parts and 2D laser-cut parts, here with us in San Francisco.

We have a DMS Patriot Freedom 3-axis router with a Fagor Controller and 2 Universal laser machines, but 8600 sf of other equipment, tools, paint room, etc.

I have been a model maker for 40 years now, mostly running the business these days with many amazing clients and opportunities for models to make.

If you are here in San Francisco, or know anyone who is, and can do this work, please contact me. Our studio is really nice, the CNC and lasers are in great conditions and we always have work.

email me at lisa at gemmiti dot com or call me at 415 252 7536

Thank you,

Hi @lisa1

I would like to cater this project.

please check your email.

My email: rachel at cisinlabs dot com


Hi Rachel, I had no idea that you replied to my post. Are you possibly still interested in doing some Rhino work for scale models?

I am going to send this to your email, too.

Thank you,