Contour Component not Generating Last Curve?

Hi everyone,

I recently noticed the “Contour” component does not generate the last intersection curve, while the Rhino command does. Can anybody confirm or am I doing something wrong?

If I generate the planes manually then use “Brep | Plane” the last curve is generated. Any other workaround that makes use of the “Contour” component? (6.6 KB)

Your manual contouring uses a lot more intersection planes than necessary.

The Contour Component uses the objects bounding box to determine the number of contour planes to use. It obviously decides that a contour that coincides with the very top of the bounding box is not usefull. This may be a bug, omission or a feature. Generally you should avoid any intersection op that may generate an indefinite amount of results. Booleans tend to fail because of similar problems.

You can however use ContourEX to make sure you generate enough intersection planes and still use a prefab component.