Intersection Mesh-Plane Rhinoscript


I try to write the rhinoscript for the intersection of the mesh with the predefined plane resulting in the polyline/curve. I found this method “Mesh.CreateContourCurves Method (Mesh, Plane)” used for. But not in the list of the rhinoscript methods. The command “section” also works very well.
But I do not know how can it be applied in the rhinoscript. Can you help me pls ? Thanks.

Hello - that function may not be implemented in Rhino Script - you may need to use Python or C# to get at RhinoCommon for this - is that what you mean?


There is Rhinoscript MeshContourPoints, which works somewhat like the Contour command, the input arguments are a line which determines the normal direction of the slicing planes and the interval between the contours. I think if you make the line shorter than the interval, you will get only one section, passing through the start point of the line. Once you have the points, they should be in order, you can use them to make a polyline with AddPolyline.

Thanks a lot! I try to apply it in these ways.
To Pascal: yes, it is what I mean.