Constructing on a PLANE with XYZ POINTs

Is it possible to define POINT on a plane relative to that plane?

It seems all modules that deal with POINTs are oriented in world plane. I can convert plane XYZ to world XYZ, but not the other way around. I can create some curves on aplane, but what if I want to create geometry with points on that plane? or move geometry in XYZ without doing three vector operations, by just specifiyin a point RELATIVE TO THE PLANE; ie plane origin -3X, +2.5Y, -1.2Z

I have been working around this by creating geometry in the world XYZ and then using ORIENT ( a very very useful module thank you for that one) but, when I am deep into a model down in a derived plane, I would really like to work realtive to that plane in terms of relative points

Are you looking forPointOriented component?

YES! uuurgh. Thank you.
And what about moving a plane in Y or Z?
PLANE OFFSET only works in Z unless I am missing something else )

i think u r looking for plane coordinate

thx Rajeev. .gh file perhaps? ))))))))))))))))))))))

For example, working with foil shapes on a plane and moving planes to split them and create curves to project is cumbersome. splitting surfaces w planes requires a surface. Pufferfish modules produce curves that END module does not like (start and end are the same point)

Creating a plane perpendicular in the Z direction without using PERP FRAMES would be great too.

PlaneSplitSrfQ (16.7 KB)

r u looking 4 sum thing like this ?
PlaneSplitSrfQ (13.4 KB)

Oooh nice. CONTOUR module. Thank you.