Construct a mesh based on 5 + points


I was wondering how to create a mesh based on more than four vertices.
After analyzing the mesh, I recognised that I have to create a mesh based on up to eight vertices.
A forum member already recommended me NGon but as I am operating under Rhino 5, I’m not capable of installing the Add-On.
Simply inserting the vertices into the “Construct Mesh” component does not create a full mesh.
Thank you in advance. (312.2 KB)

There is another plugin named Turtle that can handle ngon mesh for R5. (310.0 KB) (607.7 KB)

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Thank you @HS_Kim for your solutions!
I analyzed both your approaches and the second one works great.
Didn’t expect the solution to be such simple and achieveable by using standard modules only.
Great work! :slight_smile: