Construct a Mesh based on 3 or 4 points

recently, I tried to merge naked boundarys of a mesh and the mesh itself together by detecting the Naked boundarys with WB, then find the edge points of every boundary and insert those points into the “Construct Mesh” Component in order to create small meshes. Afterwards, my plan was to connect the starting mesh and the small meshes resulting into a closed mesh.
Unfortunately, i recognized some naked edge boundarys with four corner points and some with just three points. The Construct Mesh component only creates meshes based on four points leading to an open mesh.

Does anybody know how to take all boundarys into account no matter if they consist of four or three corner points.
Thank you! (607 KB)

When if your naked edges have 3 or 4 verticies, then you can manage to generate mesh faces with this code,
Otherwise your naked edges have more than 4 vertices, then you should take ngon mesh into account… (616.1 KB)

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(I did rebuild-clean the mesh with common components, “Combine&Clean” don’t do it properly and I don’t have your plugins…)
I don’t know if this is the actual rule, but as from my experience to build a triangular mesh face you have to set the last, “D” vertex index the same as the “C”… 4th=3rd.
So doing like in picture, in a case of a 4-long-list the “+3” listed item will be an actual index, in the case of a 3-long-list, as “List item” is normally Wrap=true, “+3” will be the same as “i” … long story short, it works like this… somehow. (604.4 KB)

Anyway, Kim’s solution is way simpler.

Thank you @HS_Kim for your support!
Your solution works great! Exactly what I was looking for.

Hey @maje90. I work with Pufferfish Plugin.
Your approach seems reasonable to me. However, as you mentioned, Kim’s solution is simpler and works better for me in terms of required computing time.
But nevertheless, thank you :slight_smile:

@HS_Kim, I recently tried something different and received a mesh some naked edges. After analysing the mesh i recognised some naked edges consisting of 5 points. Now my question:
how could I create a mesh based on 5 points?

See my previous posting…

Unfortunately I don’t have Rhino 6… :smiley: