Connectors (plates) of steel profiles in truss structure

Hi everyone
I wanted to face with a modeling a truss structure in grasshopper.

I try to find a way to make plates connecting steel profiles.

There is many video tutorials on youtube and topics on this forum how to make a truss structure but I can’t find any examples of a way to make plates connectors steel beams.

I try to make it by “offset curve” components and the like, as in the picture below, to get points, where next we can “move to/ inject” source geometry of plate (just like a Pufferfish component named “Move to point” does this)

And with a Pufferfish component “Move to point” it almost work, but as You can see, one geometry (triangle plate) it should be in the mirror refleks, but I don’t know how to achive it.

(I know that we can select each of “wrong” plates with use “list item” or maybe a “dispatch”(with a big amount of points) and use “mirror/ rotate”,
but I thought about use something such as"predefined settings addicted from (/dependent on), hmm, maybe from, the right angle between curve. I don’t know.

Maybe there is other component, with which we will do it?
Or maybe You know a smarter way to do it?

(preferably without use a VisualArq)

(Sory for my not too exact question and sory for my English.
I wrote it that way, that even myself don’t know what’s about when I read it :rofl: , so I understand when nobody will answer).

Any help would be appreciated.

Truss (16.5 KB)

Hi @Wiktor_pl,

Instead of moving them, you could simply draw the connector plates with parametric dimensions.
If you nonetheless want to place them, you should use Orient instead of Move.

Truss (19.4 KB)