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I have a question regarding the connection of walls. As shown in the picture, the two walls are not connected exactly. Could someone please explain to me where I can find the settings for this? That would be great!

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Hi @Boris_87,

You can use the _vaFillet command with a 0 radius value to connect them.

Hi @Boris_87 at this short distance, walls should connect automatically, unless you have specified the wall join to None. Please share the file if you want us to take a look and figure out what’s happening.

Hello Francesc

I have set everything as you have written it.
Attached is a sample.

Verbindung_Waende.3dm (89.6 KB)

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Hi @Boris_87 thanks for the file. I can see this issue happens due to the angle tolerance in your document. If you change it to 0.1 and then run the vaUpdate command on these walls, the intersection will be solved.

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