Connecting nearest Point in different 2 lists

Hi, Im pretty new to grasshopper and im sure this is a fairly simple problem,
I try to connect each point of List 1 to the neareast point in List 2, i thought i found a solution with ClosestPoints, but it doesnt get me the result i hoped for.

Is there a simple way to do this?

Im sorry for the horrible files

Thanks! (11.2 KB)
TriHexalNachDurchhang.3dm (12.9 MB)

Flatten the C input of the Closest Point component. Does that look right?

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Thank you for the Answer, it works perfect with the closestPont tool, only problem is that i want to connect the 3 nearest points and if i use the closestPointS tool and put the same inputs there i get a complete mess again.
Any Idea w

hy it is like that?

Thank You for the help

Like this? (16.2 KB)

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YES! Thank you so much, im still trying to understand why the graft is necessery, but it works just fine.
You really helped me out a lot here thank you!

Iā€™d suggest reading the modelab primer it has good examples.