Connecting hops to google cloud

I am new to some of the web technologies so i may be approaching this incorrectly.

I’m trying to use google cloud functions to deploy custom python scripts on the web. The goal is to have these python function resources and use Hops to send data to them and have them return results. 2 benefits I am looking to achieve; access to Cpython libraries; offload complex operations.

Currently Running flask locally and I am able to connect Hops to it and execute the python script. It’s not clear to me what needs to be adapted to move the python operation to the cloud service.

Any examples or alternatives would be welcome. I could be missing something simple.


Google has a platform called AppEngine which would allow uploading and executing of flask based python apps.

Another alternative is Heroku. Here’s some steps that one developer took to get the ghhops python server running on Heroku

thanks @stevebaer, gave it a try and was able to get it connected!

I have some additional issues as i need to allow the upload of a file, process it, and then return it.

i was exploring Flask’s upload methods using http requests but i’m running into what looks like a similar issue to this post where i cannot access any other @app.routes other than the hops component.

Any ideas?