Hops with RhinoCompute AppServer


I would like to know if it is possible to run an ML code in Python using a flask app in Hops and execute the GH file on the web using the Rhino Compute App Server containing the hops component?

We are also very interested to know if it is possible for an AppServer to serve a HOPS protocol compatible endpoint. Probably going to start hacking around anyways but some more info would be awesome.

This is already possible and has been since the first release of Hops. The hops component would need to point at the same appserver URL that you would have your app server web page point at.

If I understand this question, you would need hops components to be able to run on the appserver so they can make calls to other services (python hops server in this case.) Nested calls are currently not supported with the version of Hops available via the package manager, but they should be soon. I already have the code in place to support this and should be publishing a new version of Hops this week with support for nested calls.


Works great!

At first I was pointing at the /solve/definitionName.gh endpoint rather than definition endpoint (/definitionName.gh).

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nested hops calls are now available with hops 0.7.1 which was published yesterday

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