Can Hops run on web, like google cloud?

Hi everyone,
I wonder if Hops can run on google cloud, sinice google cloud supports the flask. If yes, that will be so exciting!

It can be run on a server. I remember somebody showing a demo of it running on Heroku a while back, although you might need more control than what Google Cloud may offer, since you have to be able to install some packages other than Flask with pip for hops to work, namely ghhops_server and rhino3dm.


Thank you so much, @diff-arch!
Your reply gives more confidence!

What are you hoping to be able to do or see done?

Thank you so much, @stevebaer, for your kind help!
I have working-cooperaters in far locations. We are doing a reconstruction project using Rhino with Grasshopper. The Grasshopper files are always updating in several key functions. That’s a time-consuming work for the cooperater to update there files each time.
My hopes: if I can put these key functions in Hops, and run the Hops in google cloud, these guys can connect to the google cloud and use the updating functions automatically.
I wish I am clear on my idea.
Thanks again.

Hops currently can read from URLs that are open to the public. For example this URL can be used by Hops

This is because the github repo is open to the public.

Hops does not currently support private URLs where you need to perform some action like logging in. This can be added to Hops at some point in the future.


I tried and it really works!
Thank you so much, @stevebaer!!
And it dosen’t matter how many persons are connecting to this URL, right?

It does not matter. You are just informing the backend rhino.compute where it needs to read a gh definition from.

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Hi Steve,

Is there any update if it is already possible to run private URL’S, or when this would become available?

Many thanks!

We haven’t done any work on supporting private github URLs

Hi Steve,

Thanks again for your quick reply!

In my opinion this would have a lot of potential!
e.g. this way companies would be given the opertunity to share their scripts externally without having to give the external company access to the original files.

This would make it easier to collaborate with multiple companies with hops, without having the board worrying that the inhouse develeop tools are shared/used for other purposes.

Or do you know other possibilities to give external people acces to the power of a GH script - without having to download/send the original GH file?

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

You would need to give access to the github repo which means that these companies would have access to the gh files (they get downloaded and run on the end user’s computer). What you are describing is best done using something like our AppServer implementation which can be found at