Connect meshes

I’m working with a building structure in Grasshopper with several walls and floors. I’ve created those elements as surfaces first and then meshed them. My problem is that when I do the meshes, the elements won’t have the same points and therefore not connect/interact with each other. Now I wonder if there is any smart way to merge either the surfaces so I mesh it all together or if I can somehow merge the meshes with each other? I tried the Mesh Split but when I do that multiple “floors” are created, some of them inside each other as duplicates ,and I can’t pick out just the ones I want to.

Thank you on beforehand

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You should do the meshing of closed, solid, polysurfaces. Avoid zero-thickness mesh/polysurfaces.
With a closed polysurface, after the meshing there will not be any un-joined (also called “naked”) vertexes.

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