Connect Crv and Close Crv


I have a bunch of open curves and try to use Connect Crvs to make them closed.
However I found that maybe its because their directions are not sync so that the result went wrong (as the image shown).

I thought about Flip Curve but in a bunch like this I don’t know what should be the guide.

Any help would be appreciated!

Close (48.5 KB)

the problem is the gaps:

you could close them increasing the tolerance in Rhino, or in GH, like this:

 private void RunScript(List<Curve> crvs, double tol, ref object A)
    A = Curve.JoinCurves(crvs, tol);

(The Code is also in the file)
However one crvstays open:

you may just want to delete it
Close (50.1 KB)

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Thanks man it does make the curve closed.

However I realize some of them are self-intersect and its because the original surfaces have problem need to clean up. So here’s my other thread.