Confused by icon/workspace sizes changes in different 4K monitors. Bug?

hi all,

I work on a 17" laptop. Sometimes attached to an external monitor as my main monitor. Sometimes as a stand alone laptop/display. Both displays are 4K (3840x2160)

so I run Rhino full screen on either:
3840x2160 expanding 17" diagonally (laptop)
3840x2160 expanding 27" diagonally (Dell 4k monitor)

Rhino toolbars are set to small:

so here’s the problem:

I’d expect to see the exact same workspace stretched across 17" or 27". And when it’s at 27" display I expect to see all my icons at 158% larger size than when I use my 17" laptop display. Same exact number of pixels.

Well…this is not the case. I see my workspace just fine at 17" using the laptop, but when I move to the external display all my buttons/icons get actually smaller instead of bigger. This seems wrong and pretty bad for usability, no?

here’s a screenshot of both full-screens over each other:

here’s a side-by-side size comparison:

Can this please be looked at/fix? or is there a setting for my windows/font/displays that I’m missing here?



Is this something on your pile?

John M would probably be best. I’m still trying to figure out if this is a Rhino thing or a Windows thing. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense based on how I know the UI gets information from Windows.

I’ll buggify it for @JohnM